Woman and credit are a perfect couple. Ladies are more willing to borrow and pay more accurately.

When is a man worth 2 dollars? When he pushes a shopping cart in the hypermarket !!!

Here is the quick response “a blonde with no credit card limits”, bored with the simplicity of the male imagination. The latter is characterized by the unmistakable belief that the festive 7-course dinner is a hot-dog and a six-pack (with encoded transmission of the Champions League for dessert) …

Overdue payments

Overdue payments

Let’s get back to hard data. Honest (hopefully) research does not confirm the truth of the image of a woman – a shopaholic obsessed with the desire for possession. Well, women pay better their obligations. According to the data of the Credit Information Bureau, the number of women with overdue payments is several hundred thousand lower than the number of men with overdue debts!

As if that wasn’t enough, ladies are braver in making important financial decisions. The average Polish borrower is a middle-aged woman with a stable position on the labor market. Of the 15 million compatriots living with credit, the majority are ladies!

Housing loans


What’s more – it is not true that the Polish borrower is an individual bound for decades by having to repay his own apartment bought (as if in spite) at times of price hill. Housing loans represent a smaller proportion of all liabilities incurred. Poles lend for other purposes, and every fourth loan is consumer (without declaring the purpose).

What are our guidelines when looking for a tailor-made cash loan? Most of us (over 80%) pay attention to the nominal interest rate. A recent survey of the Millward Brown Institute (commissioned by Getin Bank) has shown that this parameter (the easiest to check) is taken into account.

Cost of any insurance


Definitely fewer respondents bother with such “details” as the commission and the cost of any insurance. So it is worth boring to repeat that the borrower has the right to know (and the bank is obliged to inform) the so-called the actual annual loan rate (APRC). Only this value gives us a picture of the cost of the commitment and makes it easier to make a decision that will not result in falling into the credit loop in the future. When looking for the best offer for you, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our credit and loan ranking.

Let’s just add that for years, we’ve been devoting most of our cash loans to renovating an apartment and buying home appliances and electronics. In the upcoming, hot time of Christmas shopping, the seller will be the most satisfied.

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